Calle Castillejos, 204, 08013 Barcelona, España
+(34) 93 231 97 18


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From the Airport of the Prat (Barcelona):

Aerobus: it goes out of the terminuses every 15 minutes. It has space for baggage. It is late 25-35 minutes.
It must go down in Plaza Catalunya and here the Meter take line (red) 1 of meter up to the stop of GLORIES that is to 5 mín. of the Hotel.
Taxi: opposite the airport. The approximate cost is 25-30 Euros. It is late 20-30 minutes. He receives a supplement for baggage.
Train: it goes out every 15 minutes and is late 40 minutes. It must go down in CLOT ARAGÓ.


From the Airport of Girona - Costa Brava Brave:


Bus and meter(underground): they go out of the same Airport. The distance lasts between 45 minutes and an hour (Consult the schedules in www.sagales.com). The bus will take it up to the Station of the North. Once there, the Meter must take line (red) 1 on the station Arc de Trionf up to the station GLORIES.


From Sants's Station (Train):


Meter: the line must take 5 (blue) and to do transfer in Sacred Family where one will change to the line 2 (lilac) to stoop in ENCANTS.
Bus: from the Station the bus goes out núm. 44 that he has stop in the C/Valencia between C/Padilla and C/Castillejos, where going down for C/Castillejos he will find the Hotel to scanty 200 meters.
Taxi: Between 10 and 15 Euros, approximately.


From the Station of the North (Buses):


Meter: the line takes (red) 1 on the station Arc de Triomf up to the station GLORIES and travelling in direction mountain he will find us to approximately 200 meters aprox.
Taxi: Between 6 and 10 Euros, approximately.




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